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How To Make Homemade Ice Cream by Ima  Klutz

All who knows me personally knows I am not the best cook and definately will never have my own cooking show on TV! Paula Dean I know now you can take a sigh of relief! Ya’ll!  From time to time I do try to be domesticated so I decided it was time for me to take out my mother in laws orange sherbert ice cream recipe and whip up a batch!

Have you ever cut your tongue on the metal can of the condensed milk? If not everyone should experience this at least once. It is worth the pain! Here goes my experience of making the “cream”

Take one can of condensed milk and pour it in the metal thing that goes down in the ice cream freezer. Lick lid carefully! Take a spatula and rake out the rest of the condensed milk in the can. Lick the spatula. There is already enough in the metal container going in the freezer!  Take one small can of crushed pineapple and drain just a little bit of the juice off the can. Then mix the pineapple and the condensed milk in the metal can thingy that goes in the ice cream freezer. Then don’t do like I did..knock over the orange drink and it go all over the counter, but when you think about it what was left in the bottle was just enough to fill up the metal thing to the fill line.  Pour gently the orange soda in the metal can to the fill line. Pour slowly because if you do not it will fizz out all over the sides down into the freezer. I am speaking from experience on this one.  Then stir the three ingredients together. Put the lid on the metal thing and position it in the ice cream freezer.. Now is when you discovered you forgot to put that hickey thing in it that turns and stirs the ingredients as it is freezing. Take the metal thing out and put the plastic thing inside the metal can thing and put the lid back on. I did have to take mine back out again because I was going to add Marachino cherries to mine. I took them out shook off the juice in the sink and chopped.  After about 10 I decided to plunk them in the mixture like plunking rocks in a pond.  Put back in the ice cream freezer and start to add the salt and ice.  Make sure you break up the ice real good before you open the bag.  I was filling up the freezer and had a big enough chunk to sink the Titantic and decided to slam it against the floor. I did.. The ice bag slipped out of my hands and ice slid across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business!  I quickly got that mess cleaned up and then I did not have enough ice so I had to empty trays out of the regular refrigerator. I have a new refrigerator and I refuse to hook up the icemaker. I just use the old fashioned trays.   Well once you get the mess cleaned up you have made start adding ice and salt, ice and salt in that order.  Oh yea you have to plug the freezer in so it will start turning. Keep adding ice and salt until the metal thing in the ice cream freezer gets stuck and won’t turn anymore.  Take the metal thing out and sit on a towel in the sink. You really don’t want the salt to get under the lid because it will ruin it. I promise to an average person this is an easy recipe and so good. The leftovers if any can be frozen in the refrigerator and slightly thawed and man is it good. I think it gets better the day after. Oh yes don’t forget to suck off all the ice cream off that plastic hickey that is in the metal thingy.. SOOO GGGGUUUDDD!

1 can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

1 small can crushed pineapple

Orange soda of your choice. We have even opened individual cans and I think it takes around 6 or so to get to the fill line.

Here you can add cherries if you want to.

And if you have a freezer you know the rest.  It is good. Thank you Mrs. Wheeler for the recipe.  She also had a great recipe for Butterfinger Ice Cream.  Maybe I will post that later.









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One Response to Risky Business

  1. chris says:

    I was absolutely nuts that day.. It was a mess.. cut tongue, knocked over orange soda then dumped a big bag of ice.

    Cream came out excellent.. Ate a big bowl that day and froze the rest. Steve and Gary loved it also. It is real good. Try it sometimes.