Scrap Happy. Almost finished.







Hey I am slowly coming out of my winter funk!  I don’t know why but this year I have not enjoyed the winter as much as I usually do.  There was not enough sunlight here at Locust Fork, AL that I usually like to see during the winter. I like the dreary days but we had about 12 in a row and that was about 7 to many! Hopefully spring like weather will be here soon. Today it was in the 70’s and I went to Birmingham in short sleeves and shorts! Now that is a switch! I felt good today and hopefully will get in to a sewing mood.

I am working on a quilt called The Puzzler. It has about a zillion pieces. I am about 3/4’s finished and hope to be finished soon. Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy. It is totally going to be a scrappy Gees Bend type. I just love those old scrappy quilts.  I call it Scrap Happy. It definately is scrappy and I will be happy when it is finished. We are going to try to quilt it on our machine at home. The border has about 800 plus pieces and I am not joking. Hopefully this weekend we can get some cut out and put together. I will be glad when this is finished.

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One Response to Scrap Happy. Almost finished.

  1. Jackie says:

    Wow! A 800 piece border? Wow!

    I love scrappy quilts too and yours is gorgeous!