Scrap Happy And Loving It!

At night after dinner, I spend the entire night either working on my blog, reading newspapers, looking at Facebook , emailing my friends or reading others blogs. Tonight I ran across someone talking about a quilt. It made me think of how we think about quilts. When did they stop being something we love to use to keep us warm, make us feel better, give to others and just enjoy? No now we think everything we make has to be show quality for competition, like some major work of art. I think I need to get back to the way a quilt is suppose to be enjoyed. Laying on the ground during a picnic . When you are sick covered up on the couch or bed. Freezing cold and you are snuggling with your spouse under the quilt. A child carrying theirs around for security.

This coming year I am going to really put my heart in every quilt I make. I am going back to the way we should enjoy them. Please believe me when I say I have nothing against the ones of you that want to make the show quilts. I think it is wonderful. You should do what makes you feel the best. I know what will make me feel the best. Make quilts like my Granny and Great Aunt’s did to be used, worn out and just enjoyed in every way that they can be enjoyed. I guess you could say I am going to be Scrap Happy and Old Fashioned!

Yes it is nice to go to the quilt shows to see the beautiful designs but they have become a work or art and nothing else. I do not know anyone including me that would use a quilt that was valued in the thousands of dollars. I would not could you?

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