SNAKE BITE 1-800-222-1222

I knew this would grab your attention.  No I have not been bitten by a snake and I do not plan on it. This time of the year I am aware of my surroundings. We have killed two copperheads so far this year and I am sure since we do live out in the country there are more lurking around but I keep the yard clean and have nothing down for them to hide in.

I was listening to one of the popular shows on TV.. I want to say America Now.  They told something that I have not thought of before. When you are bit by a snake do not run to the nearest hospital. First try to determine the type of snake. It is poison or non poison.  You can google snakes in your state and see what is bad and what is not. How to determine poison. If you can kill it then that is even better. You have the snake so no guessing.

Then while you are calling 911 call the Poison Control in your area. The number is the same for EVERY STATE  . It is 1-800-222-1222.   Put that somewhere that you can find it without having to look for it.  Why do you need to call poison control? That was the same question I asked.

Poison Control can tell you what hospital to go to in your area that has venom. Not all has it and you do not want to be at a hospital only to find out they do not have it and you should have gone somewhere across town. Your time is limited so you need to know where to have the ambulance to carry you.

ALSO the old way of cutting the bite and sucking out the poison. DO NOT DO THIS.  If the person doing it has a sore or some place it can enter their body now you have two injured. CALL 911 AND CALL POISON CONTROL IMMEDIATELY!

I hope no one including us gets bit but if we do now we know what to do .

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  1. That is one thing I love about our area, nothing poisonous, lol.
    But, the ticks seem to be bad enough and cause enough problems;)

    Debbie St.Germain´s last blog post ..New Project!