Sometimes I Am So Ashamed of Alabama!


This is a house in Blount County, AL.  Now you would think they would NOT Pile their trash up trailer high!  It looked really good passing it daily with the Christmas light all decorated up and trash pile. I said Santa needs to deliver the presents in a dumptruck and then haul off the months yes I said MONTHS of trash. It is a wonder they are not overun by rats.  Is there not any laws for this type of thing? I would be ashamed if I lived like this. But let me tell you. This is just a drop in the bucket as they say of SOME people here in Alabama and how some live, not all but a lot. NO PRIDE whatsoever and the ones of us who do care, cringe when we pass by.

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One Response to Sometimes I Am So Ashamed of Alabama!

  1. Margaret says:

    You sure you didn’t take that picture in southern LA
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