Stash Busting 101

I like the sound of STASH BUSTING.  In other words get busy making something simple and easy to help get rid of some of that fabric that is laying around collecting dust.

Why something simple you ask. My answer is why do everything you make you think has to be National Competition Contest. In other words why do you think your quilts or projects have to be masterpieces.  Some of the best ever quilts I have are just your run of the mill average quilts.

We can’t take them with us. So why do we make them put them up and only bring out when someone comes over to state to them how long it took to make, how much money it cost and the value it as appraised. Ok every quilt I own has a value to me. Priceless, whether it took months to make or days . Whether it was in a competition or just in my home for me to lie under it  love it and feel secure when I am using it. You get the point.So get busy STASH BUSTERS!

I found this quilt on this page and I am going to start today right now printing out the quilts and sites they come from so I can start STASH BUSTING January 1, 2015 .  Did I just say 2015?  Time is flying get to busting.

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