Stash Or Treasures, However You Want To View It!

I have had a lot of people want to see what I got yesterday at the Junking Party. Here goes.  I forgot one..The elephant so I came back and edited.



My elephant planter. Are they not suppose to bring you good luck?


I love this carved wooden bear.


It was pouring down raining or I would have taken this outside.  But you get the idea. This gorgeous red bottle.  Helen and others with Bottle Trees, I think I have seen these kind of bottles at Hobby Lobby. I will look this week and let you know.


I told Gary I was glad I got this. It was just how I feel about him. For Ever, For Always and No Matter What.. WE WILL BE TOGETHER!!


This clock chimes every hour. It has a sweet sound.

This chrystal clock. It needs a battery. It will work when I get a battery.


This purse is turquoise. I was in the closet, taking the picture.. But it is beautiful and it had a penny in it. The more wild, gaudy or colorful something is I just love it. I sometimes go out looking like a rodeo clown. I don’t care. Colors make me happy and so what if nothing matches. Remember…. find your way down your own path. You will be amazed what you discover along the way!

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3 Responses to Stash Or Treasures, However You Want To View It!

  1. That is a fun idea, I do need to declutter, but rather not bring more home with me, lol. Like that sign, I need to get my painting area cleaned back up so I can do some painting this summer.


  2. Looks like you had a fun time.

  3. BJ Lyle says:

    Hey, girl! I thought you wuz an Auburn Fan!
    Whatcha doin’ with an Alabama Elephant???
    If’n’ya decide ya just can’t stand having that Alabama Elephant around your house, you just let me know & I will take it out of your domain for you! Ya know, bein’ such a good friend to ya & all!