That First Kiss!

Do you remember when you were a teenager and never been kissed. You would go to bed at night and before you drifted off to sleep you would play over and over in your mind about how it was going to be??? Then it happened.  Your first kiss.. Remember it???  You looked at him, he looked at you. Eyes never left each other and you moved closer and closer, your heart was beating so hard that you barely could breathe. You could see the pulse ticking away in your shirt, sweat breaking out on your lips and then it happened..Hair stood up on the back of your neck and you tingled all the way to your one foot that raised up in the air like in the movies.  I had that experience today!!! NO I did not kiss Gary in Walmart, but I could have. 

Today was the day. I got up, I won’t mention what time, after brunch took a bath, washed hair, fixed hair, put on MAKEUP , good clothes and painted my lips with my lipliner and lipstick ONLY for special occassions. I was meeting Wednesday and it was only Tuesday! I had to look my best. Got in the truck and headed out. She was waiting on me!

Got to Walmart. Got out of the car. Walked in and the man at the buggies at the front said “Welcome to Walmart”  I commented back, “Thank you I am here to get a bicycle!’ Passed a woman, “Welcome to Walmart, finding everything you need?” “Oh yes thank you, I am following that man on the camel in front of me to the shining star in the ceiling, I am getting a bicycle!” Heck sorry wrong story!!! I looked to the left of the store and it looked like the lights crossing each other in the sky over Hollywood, California during the Academy Awards!! I followed the lights, turned the corner and what did appear???? The bike rack!!! I was in Heaven. I was breathing so hard, my hands shaking and I was skipping. My eyes looked at every bike down the row hoping and praying Wednesday was still there. I spotted her. Would you believe somebody had put a piece of masking tape across her tire? Like a sign from Heaven.  Gary went to get the man to get the bike down. I snapped a picture to his much dismay. I live dangerous. He lives safely. I never have heard of anyone yet going to jail for taking a picture in Walmart and today it would have been worth it! The man came and I barely could speak, “I am getting a bicycle” was all that would come out of my mouth. He grinned and said “Which one?” I pointed to Wednesday and he took her off the rack. Next we pointed to another one.”That one also.” It was for Gary.  Pugsley! He grinned like a child getting his first bike on Christmas morning. We had a few more things to get and they took Wednesday and Pugsley to the garden center to wait on us. I could hardly contain myself. Everybody I passed I wanted to holler..”I GOT A BICYCLE.” But I did not.. I held it back.  Finally it was time to pay. I checked out and Gary got the truck. Wednesday and Pugsley were loaded in the back and we headed off to Locust Fork.  What a day to remember.  I promise not to bore you with the adventures of Wednesday and Pugsley but you know I am going to have to report at least once a week!!!    Now I have to get a basket, gloves, horn, helmet, and a tag and those tassle things that dangle off the handle bars. I already have a tag in mind..Now just to find it!  I still have goosebumps and when the man said “Lady would you please get off that top rack, off that bicycle it did not even kill my spirit!

Here is my tag. I think it says everything. Now to find it.




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2 Responses to That First Kiss!

  1. Gene Black says:

    I can’t believe Wednesday is WHITE! It just don’t seem right………..what would Morticia and Gomez say???
    .-= Gene Black´s last blog ..I joined up! You can too =-.

  2. chris says:

    Gene, Wednesday is pale bluish gray.. She just looks white in the picture. Gomez is ok with it. I just asked him.