The Coming of It.

For about 3 years I was an only child and only grandchild. I lived mostly with my grandmother and grandfather. One day in August I was told to get ready that we had to go to Gadsden, AL to get mother. I never really payed much attention as to why my mother was not around. My grandmother was like my mother, she was all I needed or wanted. I knew that mother was getting a little fat and then she disappeared for about a week. We got ready and drove 35 miles to Gadsden to Holy Name of Jesus Hospital. In the front seat my mother sat with a package. I leaned over the seat to see what was there and she threw back the cover and there was “it”.. I squeeled out loud…”It has hands.”  I do not know what I was expecting but it had hands.  Later on this was the perfect baby. Here I was like an ugly duckling and there was this curly headed blonde baby that everyone made over. I no longer was an only child. Well IT grew up and made a Nurse. We were all so proud of her.  I came to like ol’ “it” as I got older, even love her. Karen is a great sister and my biggest fan of my quilts…  I know I have done well when I hear her shout out those famous word “I WANT IT.”  She has great ideas hopefully someday she will contribute in helping me decide patterns and color choices.


Chris and Baby IT at Granny Sadie’s house.

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