The Marathon Continues….Part 2


Yesterday I got a lot accomplished. I finished 5 of my cards that I have to send out soon. Also I have  3 miniature quilts ready to be quilted and bound today. Today I plan on getting those quilted and bound and ready for the mail. I also have a quilt top that had to be fixed for someone to put back together.  I will post pictures tonight. 

Now I am headed outside to water the sunflowers, zinnia’s and marigolds. 



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One Response to The Marathon Continues….Part 2

  1. Marcia K says:

    Wow! You are wearing me out.. I just finished my FIRST!! First quilty finish..EVER!! I’m so very excited I can’t tell you. I do have another quilt top done, and being hand quilted, and more ideas in the works.. but one finish yesterday has me completely on a high!