This Blog Has Gone Haywire!

I have no idea what is going on with the posts.  I am sure it will be worked out soon.  When I post a picture and a caption you would think it would be right under the picture, but noooo it has to space here and there and about drive me nuts. I hope to have it fixed in the future.It is not a pressing issue.  So please for the time being  just ignore it! Thanks to all who read my blog. I try to have something for everyone and everyday is always a new adventure for me!

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2 Responses to This Blog Has Gone Haywire!

  1. Gene Black says:

    I looked at the page code (html) for your last postcard post. Between each picture is a “br spacer” code repeated several times. I don’t know how you would fix that if you are using the visual editor, but in the html editor you can delete the extra space.
    .-= Gene Black´s last blog ..Gasp! Another giveaway win! =-.

  2. chris says:

    THANKS GENE…I think I fixed it, THANKS