Tornado Rips Through Albertville, Alabama.

Last weekend we had horrible weather. Tornado’s danced all around my area. About 1 hours drive from here is a town called Albertville, Alabama.  We went to Wintzells Oyster House, Guntersville, Alabama this afternoon and after that we had some things to pick up at Lowe’s. We decided to go to the one in Albertville. After we left Lowe’s Gary said that we were coming home on Highway 75 in Albertville. I was in shock when we arrived in the area that had been destroyed. It looked like we bombed the place from the air and came back and bombed it again.

Tonight I am going to count my blessings and thank God that we did not get damage and my friends and loved ones did not also.  It was so sad. The area we wwent through was destroyed.  Here is a link to go to and when you do scroll down until you see “Tornado Rips Severe Damage Through Albertville, Alabama.”   Click on the article and you will see some unbelievable photo’s.

Remember the people in your prayers. Their lives are in turmoil right now!

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