Toto I do not think we are in Locust Fork anymore!


That is just what I felt like early this morning around 2 am. We had one of the most intense scary storms of my lifetime. Normally I am not afraid of the storms. Gary is nervous about them but I usually just watch them. Well this morning along with Gary and Aunt Jan I was terrified. I held my composure well as I did not want to alert the others but I really thought I was going to wake up with the house sitting on the wicked witch of another Alabama County. Emergency crews were up and down my road clearing trees that had fallen on the road. We experienced damage to the roof of our garage, gate was damaged coming up our drive and our flag pole was completely bent over and laying flat on the ground. We are going to have to cut the pole off about 2 feet and put it back in concrete. I will eventually get a new flag pole but until now we will make do. We were without power from 2:10 am until around 5:30 tonight. The wind was horrible. I sat in the living room in the dark with a flashlight waiting for the roof to completely lift off the house. However we are very blessed. We heard on the scanner about trees in our area being in houses and also had people pinned. It was a very active night on the scanner and we all three thank God that he protected us and kept our damages small and most of all we are going to be able to continue to live. Thank you God for always watching over us. Tonight we are expecting another round of bad storms and we are trusting you for your safe watch over us again.


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One Response to Toto I do not think we are in Locust Fork anymore!

  1. Jane says:

    Wow, yes, thank heavens you are all OK, I would have been in the bathtub, or the corner of the basement! I am very glad everyone is safe and sound.