Tri-Chem Embroidery Paint

Do you all remember back in the 70’s we painted everything in sight with Tri-Chem embroidery paint?  I remembering mother taking this table that was in the living room.  One of those old ones, had her husband cut a hole in top of it, put a piece of glass over the top and a lamp under the table. That was the beginning of a light box for us. Mother loved white fabric squares cut out for her blocks. Back then we did not use a rotary cutter or mat. I do not even know if they existed back then. She had a template made out of a cereal box or some other type of cardboard. We layed the template down on the white cloth and drew squares off with a pencil and we sat there and watched tv and cut out the squares.  I took masking tape and taped a solid white square with a coloring book page under it over the glass on the table, turned on the lamp and off I went to tracing with a pencil the design off the coloring book. When it was finished we got started painting with the Tri-Chem. There was this “old maid” that lived in my hometown. Mother called her to see if she was home and we would head off to her house to buy some paint. She always wore blue jean skirts and those white socks we called bobby socks with shoes that look old timey.  She worked in the cotton mill and sold this paint part-time. I loved to go to her house. It smelled so good. It almost smelled like what I thought a Tri-chem plant would smell like. There is nothing that smells like that. We would go back to the house and I would start painting. I had the best time. The blocks were not the prettiest but they were colorful.  Mother ordered her something out of the Sunday Punch that came in the paper. It was quilt patterns that you ironed the pattern on the block and embroidered. She decided that she would iron on the pattern and paint them with the Tri-Chem paints. Then embroidery the name and date. She worked on this for months. She would not let you work on her most prized possessions. She dare not give you credit for any of her work that was special to her! I was amazed when she finished. Quite impressed actually. Here is what she did.. A quilt of the Presidents of the United States of America.  Of course it was a solid white background! What else?  Mother won best of show at the Alabama State Fair in the early 80’s with this quilt. I now have it..

Mother's Presidential Quilt   







Presidents Quilt 2 by Retha Epps

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