UFO’S Sighting At The Wheeler Compound.


 This is UFO week and it will continue to the end of the year at the Wheeler household. I am making a list of my UFO’s (Un Finished Objects). 

Here is just a tiny list of things to do.

Finish two quilts I have started.

Make the blocks from a project that Carol my webmaster gave me to try out.

Finish my fabric postcards.

Finish several miniature quilts.

I have several large quilts that I need to load on the Tin Lizzie and finish. I need to quit being afraid if it will be perfect. LIFE IS NOT PERFECT and if my quilts are not so be it. They will be loved anyway. I have been thinking instead of trying to make the perfect quilt that would be like a show quilt, I should make the type of quilts I love. Scrappy. After all they are for comfort, warmth and to be used and loved. Not put up in a pillow case or to where you never use it. You can’t take it with you .. Enjoy and use it while you are here on earth.

I need to finish going through my office and get it cleared out, select the color of paint I want to paint it. I am thinking about going back to my hippie days and painting it tangerine with beaded window curtains.

Figure out the paint for the bedroom and get busy.

I need to clean up my sewing room.

I need to get my camera that I have had for 3 years out and figure out how to make it work again. It was expensive and really good and I could be doing some great photography with it.

I need to find what I can put on the slate on the sunporch and front porch. It looks dull and I want to clean it and bring out the color. But I also don’t want to walk out and slide across the porch because it is slick.

I have a storage building packed full, one of those large ones of cookie jars and items for sale. Some old antique items. I need to get them ready to take to Dry Creek and to put on www.SadieMaesAttic.com  

I need to put tons of genealogy on my Family Tree Maker.

That is just a few things. I am sure as the month goes on I will find more to put on my list.

Today is the first day of the UFO project. It looks like rain so I guess sewing will be in order. I will keep you posted.

Check back to see what all is going on here with the Aliens at the Wheeler Compound.

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2 Responses to UFO’S Sighting At The Wheeler Compound.

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Woo Hoo, you can do it, one thing at a time. I work on about 5 different quilts at once, to keep me from getting bored, because I have found, if I am bored, the quilts won’t get done. So if it is a boring one, will do 15 minutes here and there. Eventually if will all be done.

  2. Aunt Jan says:

    Thanks for the info………..I’ll be sure and stay home for about 6 mos!!! Tired just reading!!!