UFO Spotted In Locust Fork, AL

No it is not the same type of UFO that was on X-Files. It is Un Finished Objects.  I have a pile of them. Today I start my UFO pile. I have a beautiful quilt that I started 4 years ago. My machine was giving me problems back then. I put the quilt up and started of course on many other projects. I finished the majority but this one I look at everytime I go in my sewing area and today is the perfect day to get with it!

Do you have any UFO’s that you need to finish?   I WANT TO BELIEVE that I will get all of mine finished in the next few months. I am going to give it a try.

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5 Responses to UFO Spotted In Locust Fork, AL

  1. Pokey says:

    Great goal, you must have less ufo’s than I do, lol. Have a happy new year, Chris!
    Pokey´s last blog post ..In With the New ~

  2. More than I want to think about, lol.
    I am just going to do the ones I really like and the rest I can think about another time.

    Debbie St.Germain´s last blog post ..Happy New Years!

  3. BJ Lyle says:

    There are so many UFO’s here I am overwhlemed. Plowing thru them a little bit at a time. Getting the remodeling done would be a major plus but, that’s been going on for fourteen years. Don’t know how much longer before we will decide this place is done! LoL
    BJ Lyle´s last blog post ..My Trip to Texas

  4. chris says:

    BJ it took us 19 years to get to where we are in remodeling. We save, do what we can and go on to the next one. I hate debt. Now we have two bathrooms to gut and redo, paint the bedroom and basically we should be finished. Oh the patio around the underground storm shelter.. THEN WE WILL BE FINISHED.

  5. BJ Lyle says:

    We have two bathrooms to re-do. And three bedrooms.
    We’re re-doing the front bedroom right now. Putting a dyabed in there, taking out the closet & puting is a blanket, comforter cubbard. When it is finished we can put the massage table in there for a more private place for massages.
    We’re moving our bedroom to where the office used to be & making our bedroom an extension of the new treehouse office, for filing cabinets, shelving, etc.
    Then the house will be done & on to the pool! LoL
    BJ Lyle´s last blog post ..My Trip to Texas