We Are Celebrities!!

Fred Hunter, TV personality with Fox 6 News out of Birmingham, AL is featured on the front page of The Blount Countian. This is a newspaper in our area. Fred and his crew came last week and filmed at our guild and all through Palisades Park where our quilters cottage is located.  I am doing an article on the blog with pictures.. It is taking a while so until then enjoy this picture and stop by http://www.blountcountian.com/ for a great article and newspaper. This special show will be December 25th from 6 to 7 pm Central Time. The quilt that Fred is sitting on is a Raggedy Ann and Andy that my husband Gary made. You can see it upclose on my website under Quilts for Sale page 2.. You can do a rollover and see a very good picture of it. The quilt on the left that the lady elf is sitting on belongs to Linda Wade and the quilt on the right that the lady elf and child is sitting on belongs to Eric Cundiff. His mother Eileen Cundiff made it for him.  Eric is a real nice young man and we all love him! Oh I forgot to mention.. He is also very handsome!

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  1. Congrats! What an honor that is for you!!