What’s Under My Needle!

Well I caved. Purchased a Brother Dream Machine XV8500D a few weeks ago. I went to a two day convention and was so impressed I just had to have one.  You know how we women are with our sewing toys. Sometimes I think it would be cheaper if I took up fishing,  hunting or cooking! But so far so good on the project except I have had one problem. I broke a needle today and it must have bent the spring thing that self threads. I will take it in this week if I get a chance and hopefully they will adjust it while I am there. The shop I got it from is about one hour twenty minutes from here.  It did break the thread a couple of times. It it just something I am having to get used to. It is however a fairly easy machine to manipulate. You would think it would be complicated but it really is not.

I will show you some projects I have finished or currently working on. This was a big purchase for me and I never will get the money back I spent probably. You know people this day and time are so spoiled to China. Why would they pay me twenty dollars for something they can get for ninenty nine cents at Wal****!

That is ok. I bought it for me. It is time I buy something to make beautiful things for me and quit worrying if anyone will want anything I make. If they do fine if they do not fine. I am sure I will get my money back out of it in enjoyment!

I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. I find something new on it everyday and Youtube is packed full of videos.

The sewing machine place offers classes no charge since I bought the machine there but I have not got to go to one yet. Maybe next month I will not be so busy with life and go. I do not know how I EVER worked. Before we retired I only thought I was busy. I am more busier now than I have ever been in my life. I love it!!! I am trying to make a scheduling chart and sticking by it. So far I have gotten a tiny bit scheduled. I can do better. I will look at it as a job. No wait.  I’ll look at it as fun!


This is going to be a fall yellow colored sweatshirt. You will see the finished project at the end of the page.IMG_0059

This design was put on a black sweat shirt. Tomorrow if I get time before I leave to go to a T-shirt quilting class  I am going to do a black sweat shirt ALL threads gold! Solid gold color on black. I think it will be awesome!IMG_0060

I have such a nice view while I am sewing!


The Monster!!!




Some of my beautiful colors of thread!


On to a new design!


It is on a feedsack dishcloth which by the way is huge enough that I am going to use it for a table topper when it is finished!


Almost there!

IMG_0069 IMG_0070

I think it turned out nicely. This floral design is in the middle. On all four corners I am going to put butterflies. I will show you the finished project sometime later on this week.

IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293

Some angel ornaments I worked on two weeks ago. They are not finished! They will be standing with their arms folded when I finish them. Easier to stack this way!


Playing around with my bud! (Well trying to figure out how to get the angels out of the background. The sewing machine has a built in camera. I scanned the page to see if I could get a couple of more on the stabilizer and I could. Then later on when I finished I pulled up Mickey Mouse to see how he would look and the angels still were showing in the background. I called Brother, the lady walked me through the steps. ONE CLICK of a button and it was off. See sometimes all you need to do is ask. I am not like Precious, I will ask for directions!

IMG_4295 IMG_4296

Fourteen thousand one hundred stitches in this elephant!

IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302

Towel I finished for myself. I still have not pulled the topper off. Well in this picture!IMG_4304 IMG_4305

A few designs I put on hand towels.


Topper off and washed! I love it. I have my own towel. I better not catch Precious using my towel!! (just kidding)


The second sweat shirt I finished today. I am learning. I welcome all comments good and bad. I can take criticism. I just want the truth told to me that way I can improve where needed!!! You know I just realized. I could edit, put my name right in the middle of the pumpkin! The ideas and designs are endless. That is why they say it is “created by geniuses for dreamers”  It holds up to its name THE DREAM MACHINE!!!

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5 Responses to What’s Under My Needle!

  1. Deara Myers says:

    I tried earlier to post, didn’t take, so I’ll take another shot. Scott was SOOOO impressed at your work, course I had already seen some of it
    but you are doing GREAT, no longer than you’ve had the machine. I’m so glad you have another “toy” because you love what you do and
    do a good job. Proud of you!!!


  2. Deb Hicks says:

    Amazing! Love it all! I would love to purchase a couple of angel ornaments to go on my Angel Tree at Christmas.

  3. Marcia says:

    Ok constructive criticism. There’s a “rule” (haha) out there somewhere that says to center your design at the midpoint of the sleeve opening. Most times it works unless sleeve opening is larger than normal. So most times you won’t get your design too low. ??

  4. The elephant is adorable! Have fun with your new machine.

  5. chris says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I am learning.