Wheeler Marathon


If I told you everything I had to do before the end of August you would be tired. Which by the way I am going to tell you anyway!!

Today it is part sunny and part cloudy. I want to swim, I want to sew. SEWING is winning out at the moment.

Here is the list.. I hope you stay with me long enough to see it all.. YES I WILL HAVE IT COMPLETED by the end of the month. Today starts the Wheeler Marathon.

Painted post card, nightime theme, camping, theme, mail theme, G, H , I theme, Mermaid, 4 Miniature Quilts, 2 Fatbook pages, N,O, theme, Pink Black theme, and I probably will be black and blue myself before I am finished. Silence theme, 2 sunflower mug rugs and 2 birthday cards.. Now this is in addition to my normal housewife chores and I figure I have left something out but I will discover it and I am not coming back and adding it to the list. I know you are already tired.

Hang in with me. I will be posting pictures of the Marathon. Oh and two regular size quilt tops that I took to fix. And this probably is NOT all the list.

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2 Responses to Wheeler Marathon

  1. quiltzyx/sue says:

    You’re right…I am tired now after reading that list.
    If I wasn’t at work, I’d go lay down & take a nap…. ;^)

  2. Ann Marie says:

    You can do it, and get it all done early too. I know you can!