Worry Wednesday

I always said I hate worry because it is the devil’s way of getting your mind off God and the good things from God. Well as you all know it is almost impossible not to worry about something. Those firey darts keep coming to you right and left. I know some days I am thinking about something every minute of the day.Never read any medical articles. If I do I have all the symptoms. Well yesterday I decided I would only worry one day a week. Wednesday. I created Worry Wednesday. When I start to think of something I think “it is not Wednesday.”  So far it has worked. I will let you know Wednesday if I have to “Take to the bed with the vapors from all the worry!”  I eventually plan to cancel Worry Wednesday’s and not have any worry days. This Wednesday will be perfect to start with. I went to the Dr. this week just for my yearly checkup with the Gastroenterologist and to get my Nexium prescription. Oh I got the prescription and a trip Wednesday for a colonoscopy and endoscopy all the same day. No concerns just routine! I may have to have a Worry Monday and Worry Tuesday this week. I HOPE NOT!  I AM NERVOUS!

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4 Responses to Worry Wednesday

  1. gin says:

    I would be nervous too for a little bit. Hope and pray it is just routine and everything is fine.

  2. Chris says:

    The Dr. said just routine because I am 55 and never had it done and should have at 50..

    Thanks for the prayers tho.. I am always greatful for prayers

  3. Linda says:

    Really hoping and praying that today’s results are okay!
    ((((big huge hugs!!)))))

  4. Chris says: